Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grow nails, grow!

So back in late November, we put a new floor in our dining room. Like any good DIY project, this one involved my hands taking their fair share of dings. And by hands, I mean nails.

Well, the damage to my nails finally grew out to the point where it was causing problems. Flaking, cracking, peeling, breaking as soon as they hit the end of the nail bed problems. So, being a practical person at times, I cut them. Short. Really short. To the quick short. And my nails are usually just one step past nubbin, so when I say short,  I mean it. My short is shorter than most people think when they think short.

I'm also not painting them right now, and it's driving me bonkers.

Clearly, this is a sign that I am never, ever, ever going to try mannequin hands. 

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