Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some polishes should not be matted. Ever.

No, seriously. It looks so much better in the picture than in real life. In real life, the color (about a million times brighter) just looked like some random rubber toy had melted onto my hands.

I'm a matte lover. I got my first bottle of matte polish in 1989 (this cerise Revlon that, wow, I still dream about -- I lost the bottle in my parents' house somewhere, found it again a few years later, only to have it disappear again, so perhaps some day, it will be unearthed, and I can hug it and kiss it and call it George), my next batch a decade later, lather, rinse, repeat. Matte About You had, until this point, made every faded mani a little better (I'm resting my nails and hands from frequent swatching, as I've been canning, and the constant contact with citrus rind is murder on my mitts), but ACK! I wish the picture captured the skin-crawling wrong, but trust me on this: it failed to work in a spectacular fashion.

Note  to self: next time you feel the urge to extend a BT manicure, just add a layer of See Ya Later Sailor or something.

Color Club Bizerk Turq + Essie Matte About You

Normal Bizerk Turq

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