Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday franken: Oliva's Wall Art

Name of the franken taken from the children's book Olivia, specifically her attempt to recreate a Jackson Pollack on her wall (her opinion on the piece being that she could paint that in five minutes).

See, when the Rescue Beauty Lounge glitters made their debut, that was my reaction, "$18 for a glitter polish? I could franken that in five minutes!"

 Olivia's Wall Art
To make a long story short, Olivia's Wall Art turned into one of those frankens you randomly tweak, adding glitter as you find it, until it's been a heck of a lot more than five minutes, and you can't quite remember what look you were going for in the first place, nor what all you put in the thing. I know there's some old Tony and Tina glitter in there (a fine purple microglitter), and some large copper glitter that came with a mineral makeup order over five years ago, and I recently added MAC Purple glitter to it, but as for what polishes were there, that's lost in the mists of time.

Blurry, to show the sparkle.
I get good coverage in two coats, opaque by three, and this is actually four because I spaced out and started doing another coat by accident. Any spots that look like voids are actually just silver that didn't photograph well. For the amount of glitter that's in there, it's pretty smooth, which is always a plus.

While not my favorite franken (that's a blue jelly with gold glitter called Evening in Paris), it's certainly up there. If only I could remember what the ingredients were!

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