Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tomorrow's polish today: OPI Designer Series Glamour

I love the OPI DS polishes. I do not, however, love the price. Once polish prices get double digit, I start to get twitchy. It's easy to justify a $2 bottle, not so easy to justify a $12 one.

Lucky for me I managed to score a whole bunch of discontinued ones at Trade Secret when they were at 60% off.

Tonight's DS is Glamour. It's my second favorite of the DS polishes I own, behind Desire. Glamour's a rich blurple, with one of the brightest holos in my collection. The formula's a little on the thin side, so cuticle flooding and drips are a risk, but the application is smooth, and you can almost get away with two coats.

OPI Designer Series Glamour

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