Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tomorrow's polish today: China Glaze LOL

See the previous post for the application warning. Like many holos, this one's grabby, so let each coat dry before putting on a new one.

I was able to get away with two coats per nail, once I put the Mirror Image base on, but I suspect with a regular basecoat, this polish would take three.coats to get even.

The OMG line holos are smooth, and the holo effect is very impressive under bright light. It also photographs well.

China Glaze LOL, (l-halogen light, r-fluorescent light, injury on middle finger from a tragic gate accident.)
The finish on this when it dries is almost satiny, which, combined with the slight grey tones in the base color, just makes it look like a muddy purple in dimmer light. This is one holo where I think it's worth the slight loss of holo effect to throw on a top coat. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (technically a treatment), the one the MUA nail board posters have recommended, seems to work pretty well, with minimal dulling. Over all, a decent purple holo, but not one that makes me weak at the knees,

LOL with Hard as Nails on top.

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