Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nfu-Oh 554 + Sally Hansen Grape Going

Because a lack of content makes me sad...

Nfu-Oh 554 + one layer Sally Hansen Grape Going

Grape Going's been driving me nuts since I got it: it's too sheer to get away with just one coat (or even just two), but the Insta-Dri polishes take forever to dry on me if I add additional coats (most of them are pigmented enough that this isn't a problem). As my Nfu-Oh 554 was too subdued for a Monday Morning Manicure (look, I'm going back to the office after two weeks on vacation, I need something eye-catching to keep me conscious), I thought I'd see if I could get approximate bottle color this way, and indeed! Success! The end result's slightly darker than Grape Going alone, but not so much that it bugs me.

Bonus: when I move my fingers just right, I'm seeing an awesome red flash in addition to the blue. Curious. (I see it if I angle the bottle, so it's not just a side effect of the layering.)

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