Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Layers for Humpday: Nfu-Oh 39 over Drinkin' My Blues Away

Drinkin' My Blues Away survived my Tuesday with nary a chip in sight, so rather than remove it, I added a layer of Nfu-Oh 39, an opalescent flake glitter in a clear base.

I'm not sure what I would do if it weren't for layering. I have the attention span of a crack-addled gnat and the "Ooo!! SHINY!!!" impulses of a magpie, which adds up to me changing my polish more often than is good for my cuticles. (Once, I went a whole work week wearing the same polish. I started freaking me out around day two, and I spent the rest of the week trying to get it to chip. Want a manicure to stay intact? Start looking for an excuse to remove it, and it will remain pristine for all eternity.)

Nfu-Oh's flake glitters are pretty much my favorite thing in the whole wide world for jazzing up an existing manicure. For starters, they cover exceptionally well: the picture on the left shows how flake-laden a single coat of this stuff is. (Ignore the appearance of bumps, which is a trick of the low light. The Nfu-Oh flake glitters are silky-smooth.)

Left: low light, Right: bright light.

The green flash of the flakes is almost identical to the green flash in the glass fleck glitter of the base color, which is hard to tell from my pictures. This range of Nfu-Ohs really does look just like opals on your nails, and make me wish I had the time and space to do a proper nail photography set up.

The flakes shift to an almost-indigo as you angle your hand. It's hard to capture against a blue background, but I expect it would look incredible against black.

Left: green glimmers, Right: the purple/indigo flash

Except for the stigmata-inducing drip off the brush stem, application with Nfu-Oh polishes is good. The brush is easy to handle, and decent-sized without being a mop. The formula is less gloppy than some of the Big 3 free polishes, though it does have an especially plastic smell.

Nfu-Oh polishes aren't cheap (they're $12.50 a bottle at the US distributer, fabuloustreet.com), but the flake glitters are the best I've ever tried, and at 17ml a bottle, they're 2ml larger than OPI or China Glaze, so for a high end polish, it's almost a bargain. (MAC polishes are around the same price, but come in dinky little 10ml bottles.)

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